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Trump's Accomplishments

1. Produced the lowest overall unemployment rate in 50 years, and the lowest African-American and Hispanic unemployment EVER.

2. Allowed the Veterans Administration to fire over 8600 employees who were indifferent and incompetent, They have also given cards to Vets so they could go to a private medical facility

3. Has taken the government boot off the necks of religious people and groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor. He also abolished the “Johnson Amendment” (implemented by  pres. Johnson in the mid 50’s) that threatened a church’s tax exemption

4. Has reduced the number of illegal aliens who were overwhelming our border guards and costing the American taxpayer BILLIONS of dollars that could have gone to poor and homeless Americans and driving down the wages of the poorest Americans

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The most important election of our lifetime will be 2020 as we work to protect our nation from socialism. We will be working hard to ensure that Donald Trump is reelected. We were proud that our facility was chosen to host a 2016 campaign stop by Donald Trump Jr.

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