Illegal Immigration



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You can download our official resolution below.


We welcome immigrants, and recognize and applaud the fact the U.S. naturalizes nearly 1,000,000 immigrants a year- more than any other country in the world. They, like ourselves and those before us, infuse the country with their energy, ideas, work ethic, and a love of liberty.
They also followed the law on their path to citizenship.
Illegal aliens, however, have shown a disregard for the rule of law; so accepting that stance is an affront to those who complied and breaks down our society.
There are other concerns as well. Businesses routinely exploit this pool of black market labor- paying subsistence wages that frequently require illegals to rely much more heavily on government support- which citizens’ earnings have to pay for (in GA alone, it runs into billions of dollars, paid from families’ earnings through taxes).
The 1,198 page U.S. Senate bill 744, which passed on June 27, 2013, would immediately legalize over 10,000,000 illegal aliens and fast track their path to citizenship- without any guarantees to close our borders or to monitor the millions of people in the country who overstay their visas. The federal government sold us this promise in 1986 as a solution and it didn’t work then either- which even the liberal New York Times admitted soon afterwards (read entire article here).
Sen. Rand Paul calls for an amendment called “Trust but Verify,” to increase Congressional oversight over border security.
GA. Representative Matt Ramsey states there will be skyrocketing cost of government services and benefits that GA’s share of that 10m illegals will have on the state budget:

  • Increased Medicaid costs alone are estimated at $3,200,000; many other state government services and benefits will add substantially more expenses
  • Unlike the federal government, GA cannot print money and our state constitution requires a balanced budget 
  • Therefore, money for vastly increased numbers of newly legalized aliens will have to be cut from existing programs. 
  • Since GA spends about half its budget on education, it will be hard hit: fewer teachers, shorter school years… GA falls further behind 
  • Less money for vital transportation construction and maintenance, law enforcement, and other vital programs

Call to Action

Continue to call, email, write our U.S. delegation, as well as U.S. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan with your dissatisfaction of an amnesty bill,  “Hi, this is ______. I live in Fayette County, GA. I vote, and I strongly oppose Senate Bill ___ to legalize illegals. I want Immigration Reform in securing and strengthening our boarders first.  My neighbors and I strongly urge Senator [Isakson/Perdue] to oppose this bill and I will follow his vote carefully. Thank you.”

Resolution on Immigration

Download our resolution on immigration.

Immigration Resolution (pdf)