Our Issues

 Our organization is founded on principles and values. Each of them has associated issues that frequently result in legislation. To ensure the preservation of our principles and values, we constantly seek to better define, understand, and support issues that perpetuate our principles and values, or oppose actions that do not. Click here for complete information on bills in the GA legislature- their sponsors, status, content, which committee is hearing them, and who the committee members are. 

Key Current Issues

GA Constitutional Amendments


As part of the 2016 general election, electors voted on four amendments to the GA State Constitution. The FCRP opposed the amendments.

Public Education


The extent of our children’s education that shall be determined by locally elected school boards, or by federal & state governments, businesses, and trade associations.

Second Amendment Rights


 Federal and state encroachment on citizens’ Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Mandatory Federal Healthcare


Whether you or the government decides what health insurance decisions you make.

Illegal Immigration


 Whether or not the federal government shall secure our national borders and control immigration and visa provisions according to the law.



Whether it is just for federal and state governments to impose regionalism to usurp local authorities on matters such as taxation, zoning, and re-allocation of tax revenue.

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