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Heartbeat Dinner & Forum

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Come join us as we tape segments for social media and have a catered dinner with speakers

Friday, June 21, 2019 at 7PM in the Fayette Event Center. Pre-registration and payment required.

Deadline is Wednesday, June 19th at 5PM.


The film and television industry is now attempting to leverage their clout to intimidate the state government to rescind recently approved restrictions on abortion.

We are faced with an elite group of people, both celebrities and business titans, moving to overturn the actions of a democratically elected legislature fulfilling promises they made to their constituent voters.

An emboldened pro-abortion lobby is making great strides for their cause all over the nation, including late-term abortion and infanticide.

The battle has begun, and we need to be active. In that regard, a group of pro-life experts and legislators have been invited to come to the Fayette Event Center, 174 N Glynn St, Fayetteville, on June 21 at 7PM to tape segments for social media that explain our position. The hope is to have a live audience present as it aids the speakers with the quality of the presentation. 

To enhance the audience experience, Broadway Diner is catering a meal ($20 per person).

There will also be audience Q & A and feedback. It is vitally important that we provide an alternative view to the very public pro-abortion position in the news media. We also need to show public support for our governor and legislators who have boldly taken a stand knowing they were placing election targets on their chests.

Only 80 seats will be sold. Donation of $20.00 per person is required to reserve your seat and must be in advance for pre planning the catered dinner. 

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Heartbeat Dinner & Forum- One at a Time


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