We are composed of qualified registered voters in Fayette County, GA who believe in the principles of the Republican Party and support its aims and purposes.

We seek the broadest possible participation by such people at our meetings, party affairs, and as delegates to county, district, state, and national conventions.

During odd numbered years, we convene a county meeting in February to elect precinct officers and delegates to the county convention. 

The following month, March, those delegates attend our county convention and elect Executive Board officers and delegates to the district & state conventions.The precinct chairmen & Executive Board comprise the County Committee, which is the governing body of the Fayette County Republican Party (FCRP). Descriptions of the Executive Board positions are shown here.
We're also closely affiliated with excellent auxiliary organizations, and encourage you  to work with them also. 

The Executive Board of the FCRP shall have the authority, duty, and responsibility to conduct the Party's affairs inbetween meetings of the County Committee and between county conventions.

If you are interested in filling an empty position, please contact Chairman Jones.

Executive Board

Tyrone K Jones



James Clifton

First Vice-Chair

Neil Sullivan

Vice-Chair, OutReach

Tami Dorsey

Vice-Chair, Membership

Claudia Eisenberg

Vice-Chair, Hospitality

Faith Hanley


Denise Ognio

Secretary and Ga State Rep

Jane Gallo

Assistant Vice-Chair, Operations

Jane Owens

Assistant Vice-Chair, Operations

Angela Bean

Vice-Chair, Education

Cherie Werginz

Vice-Chair, Communications & Public Relations 

Dunnchadn Strnad

Assistant Vice-Chair, Communications & Public Relations


Scott Fabricius

Former Chairman

Linda Sandwich

State Committee Member

Harold Bost

Vice-Chair, Rules

Vacant Positions

Second Vice-Chair

Vice-Chair, Outreach

Vice-Chair, Fundraising

Assistant Secretary

General Counsel

Assistant Counsel



If you're interested in filling any of these positions, contact Chairman Tyrone Jones