Board of Commission Primary Candidates

2020 Republican Primary

Saturday, June 9 Election Day

Our FCRP Moderator is Angela Bean who interviews 7 candidates  running for the Board of Commissioner seats.

February School Board Meeting

Concerned citizens and parents of Fayette County share their concerns about the proposed changes to curriculum to teach comprehensive sex education.

January 4, 2020 Breakfast Speakers

Fayette County Commissioner, Randy Ognio, provides information about the Atlanta Regional Commission and the newly formed ATL. 

Video provided by Red Kudzu Productions. 

State Senator Marty Harbin with a preview of the 2020 session of the Georgia General Assembly.

Video provided by Red Kudzu Productions. 

Focus Group 2020: Express Yourself

Do you enjoy expressing your views on the “hot-button” political issues of today?  Well, we have a means by which you can do that and let your voice be heard. It is “FOCUS GROUP 2020”. The first session was  held January 21, 2020 and there will be upcoming  sessions throughout the 2020 election season. Be sure to sign up for email news and visit the FCRP calendar and look announcements for dates, time, and locations on upcoming sessions. This is your opportunity to speak up!  

December 7, 2019 Breakfast Speaker

Georgia Gang panelist, Janelle King insights on the conservative movement in our state. 

Video provided by Red Kudzu Productions. 


 Abortion advocates would have you believe that pro-choice supporters  only care about giving birth to the child and not what happens to family  afterward. Nothing could be further from the truth. Luci Hough

Heartbeat Dinner & Forum
Moderator Steve Brown

Abortion- The other side you do not hear

Fayette County Board of Education FORUM

Fayette BOE: Topics included Chromebooks in elementary school classrooms and cell phone usage.