Volunteer Opportunities

The role of the local Republican party is to organize volunteers to work together to elect strong conservative Republicans to every government office.  Without this organization of volunteers, local communities can find their conservative values shrinking away.  

When all of us do our part to ensure the Republican voter turnout at election time we can keep our strong community values. 

There are lots of ways that you can give your time, talent, or treasure to help solid Republican candidates win the elections of 2020.   

Check out the opportunities below and find your place.

Event Meal Prep and Decorating

1. Monthly breakfast meetings.   We need volunteers for breakfast meal prep, serving, and clean up.  Not only do our meeting attendees enjoy this fantastic breakfast, it is also a valuable fund raiser for our Republican party efforts.   Our monthly breakfast meetings are the first Saturday of each month.  Contact Angela Bean at abean108@comcast.net

2. Special Events. Throughout the year we plan fun events for our membership such as the annual Christmas party, Valentine's Dinner, Bingo nights, Ice Cream Socials, Community Cookouts, and more.  Set up, decorating, food prep, serving, clean up.... lots of volunteers needed!   Contact Cherie Werginz at cwerginz@icloud.com

Event Center

Give a helping hand setting up tables and chairs for events.  Greg would really appreciate your help!  We also need volunteers to assist with marketing the center.    Contact Greg Clifton, Event Center manager, at GccFoF5@gmail.com  

Office Staff

Our office is currently open most days 9 a.m. – noon. However as the 2020 elections start up, more people power will be needed to answer phone calls and assist walk-ins. Can you help a few hours a week?  Contact Cherie Werginz at cwerginz@icloud.com


Who is running for the open seats? Re-elections?  Do we have a Republican candidate for every seat? Help us research to learn what’s needed. Contact Mary Kay Bacallao at MaryKBacallao@hotmail.com

Engaging Your Neighbors

Moving into the 2020 election season we must be in communication with our communities to increase voter turnout. There are 36 precincts in Fayette County and we need individuals in each precinct to engage their neighbors with candidate and voting information.  Would you be willing to be responsible as communication lead for your voting area? Contact Jane Owens at  Jane.Owens125@gmail.com

Research FCRP History

This March 2020 we plan on starting off the new year with a stellar event called “Carry the Torch”.  The planner for this event is Grace Caldwell.  Grace is looking for FCRP history, photos, and other various tasks to make this event a success.  if you can help with this event contact Grace Caldwell at GCaldwell452@gmail.com

Promoting Republican Values

In conjunction with our state Republican party, we have a program that helps keep us on track on all efforts to promote conservative values in our community.  Contact Denise Ognio, ogniodm@gmail.com for more information.

Voter Registration and Candidate Campaigns

Voter registration.  Set up registration tables at local venues and assist citizens with voter registration.   Contact Jane.Owens125@gmail.com

Candidate Campaigns.  Candidates always need help with their campaigns with phone calls, door knocking, hosting events.  Contact Denise at ogniodm@gmail.com