Volunteer Spotlight

Joyce Britt

Joyce Britt has been a dedicated volunteer in our FCRP office for quite some time. Joyce began her civic duty when she voted at eighteen years old. As a long time Fayetteville resident, she found time after retirement to once again engage in her community. Seven years ago Joyce joined the FCRP volunteer team and has kept the office open answering phones and assisting walk-ins with their needs. She has stood on corners waving campaign signs and has attended numerous conventions and rallies all over the country.

Joyce said, “ I enjoyed working with everyone and I especially liked talking with people that asked about the Republican party. Volunteering has been a great way to know what is going on in my community." Joyce continued, "I’m also glad that FCRP has the event center, a place where we can gather." Joyce shared that one of her most memorable events was traveling by bus to Cincinnati for a political event.

Joyce is adding to her life story by moving to Valdosta, Georgia. She plans to connect with the Republican party there and enjoy her retirement. Thank you Joyce for your servant spirit, you will be missed.